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SLC (SADRA Language Center)

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Established in 2012, SLC is strongly committed to bring a new atmosphere towards a change in language learning and acquisition at the College. It is notably intended to facilitate students of the College to enhance their language proficiency enabling them to cope with their academic duties and tasks.

During its initial establishment, SLC has proudly executed a wide range of co-programs in support to rapidly creating English environment through whether academic support and students’ activities. This crucial role brings SLC not to solely perform administrative but also takes a greater role in certain collegial programs which are designed thoroughly within Curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs for the sake of reaching the goal above.

Structure Board of SLC

Under Education Department, SLC board is structurally organized as follow:

Head of SLC              : Istiqomah, M.Hum

Executive staff           : Sri Mulyati, S.Th

English Club              : Sadra English club

Language Services

  1. Academic Course
  • Intensive English Preparatory Clas
  • Academic Writing
  • Task-Based Writing Project
  1. Co-Curricular Programs
  • English Public Speaking

To communicate any idea in front of public does not merely need linguistic aspect but rather required exercises a lot and the arts of public speaking as well to confidently address the speech. Hence, during this program the participants are taught the arts of narrating and expressing the topic and are reflectively given a chance to be a real public speaker.

  • English Weekly Discussion

“Weekly Discussion in English” is intended to provide a joyful space for you to freely practice and use English as well as to adequately experience and gain the advantages from certain exposures, mistakes, and guidance from the facilitator.

  • Language Clinic

The notion of language clinic is to serve students  remedial sessions with a more personalized approach which is devoted to serving individuals in the community who are having difficulty in digesting certain language skills. Realizing that student’s intellectuality to a language varies, hence the language clinic emerges for the sake of overcoming one’s linguistic drawback in certain cases (language areas).

The clinic offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for all students whose language proficiency attainment is far beyond standard. The services are open semester round (during or after the preparatory classes)

  • Translation Community (Coming Soon)

On the basis of students need, a productive and significant program on English translation is offered to those who have basic skills of English no matter from which semester the students are (450 of TOEFL score is required). This program is intended to:

  • Enhance the skills of translations and further reading comprehension
  • Get them more familiar with English equivalence on philosophical and mystical terms/phrases
  •  Elevate their horizons on the issues discussed
  •  Produce future translators for Sadra Islamic College
  1.  Extra-Curricular & language Events
  • Moving Class

Unlike formal classes which are conventionally administered inside classrooms/building, moving class is an occasion conducted outside classrooms.

  • English Contest

It’s served as demonstrable simulation to continuously encourage students in enhancing their speaking abilities in the midst of the training after learning and exercising certain skills of speaking and confidence.

  • English Short Course

This program is immensely endeavored toward the quality of English of the students at Sadra Islamic College by extra courses and presenting outstanding sources from reputable institutions.  Therefore, the English language short course series on three major English skills is served to elevate the English language of students which are required for academic purposes: Translation, Public Speaking, and scientific writing both for research methodology and Journal or bulletin writing.

  • Roundtable Discussion with Native Speakers

To speak with native speakers has, of course, a great influence on students’ motivation to actively practice their ability in speaking on certain issues related to the courses at Sadra Islamic College.

  1. English Club
  • Journal Writing

It’s a space to enhance students’ productive skills mainly writing on general issues published monthly. It is not merely to improve their writing skills but rather to widen their horizon on Islamic values.

  • English Day

To get the students strongly exposed English club, in support to SLC, undertakes English day to invite Sadra students use English as communicative instrument as well as Sadra Islamic College stakeholders to  serve in English.

  • Quote of the Week

Quotes-of-the-week is one of the English Club programs utilizing students with an adequate exposure which will gradually enhance their vocabulary building. It is displayed every week on the magazine wall of SLC.

  • Fun English

Fun but scientific is one of English club motto, hence some games and fun programs are conducted to bring a new atmosphere in learning English and to enhance students’ ability which brings new experience how they articulate English words correctly as well as understand or talk certain expressions.

  • English Club on TV

English Club on TV is one of the new programs to have students and Sadra Islamic College stakes holder accustomed of listening English news by broadcasting Collegial activities on TV.




menghasilkan sarjana filosof muda yang memiliki pemahaman luas dan keahlian di bidang filsafat Islam, serta mampu memberikan kontribusi terhadap berbagai persoalan pemikiran Filsafat dan Islam pada masyarakat, baik di tingkat nasional maupun internasional


menghasilkan para sarjana yang memiliki keahlian dalam bidang Ilmu Al-Quran dan Tafsir, mampu melakukan penelitian fenomena sosial dan keagamaan dan mencari alternatif pemecahanan masalahnya berbasiskan pada Ilmu Al- Quran dan Tafsir.

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